No Mercy In Mexico [Watch The Video]

The viral ‘no mercy in Mexico video’ which has flooded the entire internet ecosystem has struck me as inhumane and saddening in a world where love has turned cold and men have become steel.

Why do we lack humanity? I asked myself. Could it mean the Bible’s prophecy about how the hearts of many will turn cold and sour in the last days is true? First time I saw this video, I practically couldn’t eat for three days. I murmured to myself.

Mexico is considered a dangerous country in the world based on criminal statistics, which place it at 13th, behind countries such as El Salvador, Jamaica, South Africa, Honduras, Venezuela, Nigeria, and many others; however, this video of no mercy in Mexico transcends the horrific crimes committed in these top ten nations.

In spite of drug-infested countries like El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Honduras, Pakistan, Venezuela, etc., cold-blooded criminals have not been born in those countries to the extent that was demonstrated in the no mercy in Mexico video.

While ISIS and its affiliates may have been executing people on social media at the height of their barbaric activities, similar videos probably existed. No Mercy in Mexico is based on a period of time highly dissimilar to that of those times, even though it is condemnable and unjustified.

People’s hatred has reached a new level culminating in the act of murder in this brazen display, which is not ostentatious.

A 29-year-old American rapper who murdered two of his closest friends in the USA is now facing jail time in a country where justice is difficult to come by. Since YNW Melly’s trial began, there has consistently been a non-lingering inquiry about his release date, which has been ongoing for the past four years, and whose hopes of being released are slowly fading away.

No mercy in Mexico video shows a boy and his father being brutally murdered by Melly, while their families are unlikely to receive justice for their deaths.

What is The No Mercy In Mexico Video

The No Mercy in Mexico video has recently gone viral online, and has been nicknamed Guerrero Flaying for its gruesome, inhumane, callous, and barbaric nature. An attack on a man and his son and their tying is depicted in the video, titled “no mercy in Mexico.”.

In 2018, based on public information available, the incident occurred. However, the exact timing is a topic of much contention and controversy.

There is just too much barbarism in the video description to begin describing it. Rather than pass through the pain before being killed, it would have been better if the father and son had been shot.

Both Mexican indigenous peoples and international observers have expressed disgust and outrage over the video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

No Mercy In Mexico

A number of organizations and individuals have called for justice against the perpetrators of this horrific video because of its disturbing and graphic scenes. 

A survey of the violence level in Mexico was conducted, and it was discovered that gang-related crimes have been rampant in Mexico for many years, so it is not the first time such crimes have occurred.

Implications of the No Mercy In Mexico Video

Four (4) implications for the video are derived from keen, intricate, and articulate measures:

1. Anger

The perpetrators of this evil act can’t avoid anger when they watch this video. As a large number of people have expressed their disgust and annoyance towards the video on social media, virtually everyone who has seen it has one thing in common: anger.

2. Violence Awareness in Mexico

Known for its drug cartels, Mexico is well known for its high crime rate and its drug trafficking issues that permeate into the United States of America through the wall. It was during Trump’s campaign and presidency that more people learned about these issues.

In addition, people are now aware of Mexico’s levels of violence because of the No Mercy in Mexico video. Seeing is believing, as the saying goes. There’s no doubt that they’ve heard about Mexico’s level of violence, but that doesn’t make them believe it.

Because of this video, Mexicans are now perceived as a violent and unsafe country. 

3. Sense of being unsafe

Additionally, many people have felt unsafe and scared watching the video, and who can blame them? Nevertheless, given that the person who carried out the violence was a human like them, one can speculate that they could also be affected.

The friends and family of the victim must also be going through a great deal of trauma and psychological pain.

4. Violence is real

No Mercy in Mexico video emphasizes the reality of violence and the importance of staying vigilant at all times without being stereotypical.

The video also illustrates the fact that violence can occur at any time and anywhere. Taking action to address violence needs to be a priority in the wake of the video.

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Where And How to Watch the No Mercy In Mexico Video

Since the video was of a threatening nature, most websites and web hosting platforms removed it. The video is not something I would recommend to anyone.

Despite a love for horror films and movies, even the strongest person cannot endure the truth about what is actually happening to real people today.

You can watch the video below if you still want to:


Hooliganism, violence, and hatred should never be tolerated in the modern world, as shown in the No Mercy in Mexico video.

As well, the video has surfaced almost 6 years after the incident occurred (in 2018), which means that the gory incident has been going on for more than 6 years. Families bereaved must receive justice.

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